JOKER is a Cuban entertainer - singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer and record producer - born and raised in Havana, Cuba. With his eccentric street style and humor, he is known as the "JOKER" and "Vufonazo" by the music community of artists, DJs and his fan base in Havana. With no musical boundries, his songs range from Cubaton and Cuban Reggaeton Morffa to Kizomba, Reggae and Electro Trap Latino music,  Read more...

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No Hay Un Tike - Cubaton Reggeaton

JOKER x El Falso x Yumita

Solo Tu - Cubaton Lento

JOKER x Yordano El23 x El Falso

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Te Enfermé feat. El Negrito

JOKER x El Negrito x El Falso

La Culpa No Es Mia feat. El Kokito

JOKER x El Kokito x El Falso

Chambea (Cubaton)

JOKER feat El Falso

Ahora Es Que Esto Empieza

JOKER feat Moikan & El Falso

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Artista Cubano de La Habana

Joker @Vufonazo - Cubaton Reggaeton Music Artist - Havana Cuba