JOKER is a Cuban entertainer - singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer and record producer - born and raised in Havana, Cuba. With his eccentric street style and dark sense of humor, he is known as the "JOKER" and "Vufonazo" by the popular Cubaton / Reggaeton music community of artists, DJs and his fanbase in Havana.  Read more...

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No Hay Un Tike - New Single

JOKER x El Falso x Yumita

Solo Tu - New Single

JOKER x Yordano El23 x El Falso

Chambea (Cubaton)

JOKER feat El Falso

Ahora Es Que Esto Empieza

JOKER feat Moikan & El Falso

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Artista Cubano de La Habana

Joker @Vufonazo - Cubaton Reggaeton Music Artist - Havana Cuba